A Geek, a Broadcaster, and a Teacher

A Geek

BTOLWS004I was a geek before I knew the meaning of the word.  I come by my geek tendencies naturally (I recently saw a photo of my dad in his teens; he was wearing a lab coat and working on something that closely resembled an Interocitor). The geek baton was officially passed from father to son in 1981 when he showed me how to type simple commands into a personal computer.  That moment eventually led to my first official geek job. In 1994 I became a technical recruiter working for an employment placement firm in southern California.

In the many years since that first geek job I have used my predisposition to all things geek to help people use technology to make their lives better.  I have a knack for translating technobabble into understandable and meaningful words. I have helped business owners find the technically savvy people they need to run the geekdom part of their companies.   If you want someone who is not afraid to channel his inner geek, I am happy to work cheek-by-jowl with you and create something great
A Broadcaster

SITFB001Around age 11 I decided that I wanted to be a radio broadcaster.  I would carry around a portable tape recorder and try to imitate Joe Lee, Lynn Lehman, “Skinny” Johnny Mitchell, and “Woolly” Waldron. I also made up all kinds of commercials (I still remember my Star Wars commercials - oh, if only I had kept one of those tapes!)  Fast-forward to two years after graduating from high school.  I put down the tape recorder and picked up the microphone at the American Technical Center School of Broadcasting. I haunted the studios of the school, trying this or that bit, cutting up miles of reel-to-reel tape, and writing commercials that involve cardboard regattas and lime-flavored Popsicle chunks. My studious efforts paid off and I was hired by a radio station before I graduated. It was a short gig (less that a year) at an AOR FM station in Wyoming.  I am forever grateful for that opportunity. 

Since that initial gig I have had two other opportunities to work in broadcast radio. One was as a weekend host, fill-in host and commercial voice-over talent for a smooth jazz FM station in Utah. The other was as a producer for a talk radio AM, also in Utah.

Photos of KSIT broadcast studio circa mid-1980s. Photos copyright Bob Telk.

A Teacher

BTOLWS005According to my mother, I have always been a curious person. My mother loved to tell people that my favorite phrase as a young boy was “What’s that?”  My geek tendencies and broadcasting background have aided me tremendously in my teaching roles.

My first real-world teaching opportunity came when I joined the faculty of Certified Careers Institute, a private business college that specialized in information technology.  I taught hands-on, lab-based, blow-this-up-and fix-it courses that prepared students for Microsoft, Novell, and CompTIA certification tests. I also coached graduates on their interviewing skills by putting them though mock job interviews.

My next teaching opportunity came about when I joined Bill Good Marketing, a company that specializes in providing client marketing, prospecting, and office management strategies to financial advisors. I was one of the road warriors that taught the Gorilla Training Seminar (a five-day event in which financial advisors and their staff members learned the basics of the Bill Good Marketing System), the Sales Assistant Boot Camp (a four-day course that focused on goal setting, cold-calling, and script writing), and the Service Assistant Boot Camp (a four-day course that centered on client retention, office processes, and organizing the team).

A Husband, a Father, a Brother, an Uncle, and a Friend

BTOLWS_TELE_2015I am a lucky man.  I am married to a beautiful, intelligent, classy lady.  We have an amazing, talented, beautiful daughter that is a graduate of The Art Institute of Salt Lake City.  You can find her artwork onTumblr and Etsy.

The three of us have a passion for our horses...Berrycuda, Callmeweethearrt, and Beauhemian Rhapsody. On several occasions I have been the show announcer for horse shows presented by the Utah Arabian Horse Club, the Utah All Breed Horse Association, and Vista Farms.

I also have many brothers and sisters. Some are blood-related, others are from families that I chose and that chose me.

One other thing. I am becoming reacquainted with a hobby that I loved as a boy...astronomy. I now anxiously awaits the night sky so that I can once again peer into the heavens using my Orion StarBlast 4.5 Astro Reflector Telescope.

An Alumnus of WGU, ATC, and THS

BTOLWS007Western Governors University - Class of 2006
B.S. Business - Information Technology Management

American Technical Center - Class of 1987
Certificate of Completion - Radio and Television Broadcasting

Taylorsville High School - Class of 1985
Recipient of Louis Armstrong Jazz Award